Answering a Few Quick Questions About Vehicle Registration in Queensland

5 July 2016
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In Queensland, every vehicle on the road must be registered no matter its condition, and you need to have a vehicle registration put in your name right after you buy a car or truck from any seller. While it may be somewhat routine to register a vehicle in Queensland, note a few quick questions you might have about what's involved and some unusual circumstances when it comes to registering a vehicle, so you know your vehicle is always on the road legally. Read More 

4 Tips For Maintaining a Refrigerated Van

10 June 2016
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If you pick up or deliver items that need to be kept cold, such as flowers, food, or cologne, you likely do so in a refrigerated van. This allows you to easily place the items in the back of the van and keep them fresh until they reach their destination. It is important that you keep up with regular maintenance on the refrigerated portion and the van itself so you don't end up with spoiled goods. Read More 

What to Ask When Arranging Industrial Transportation Services

16 May 2016
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Industrial transportation services are often a bit different than standard trucking and freight services; when you arrange standard freight, the company may expect that items are packed in boxes or shrink-wrapped on a pallet. With industrial transportation, you may need to have an entire container of oil or a hazardous substance hauled, or may have other special considerations for whatever reason. Before you arrange such transportation services, note a few questions to ask and information to cover with any potential service so you know you make the right choice and know what's involved. Read More 

Pedal To The Metal: What To Do When Your Brake Pedal Is Too Loose Or Stiff

11 April 2016
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Failed or malfunctioning brakes are the biggest nightmare of any driver, and keeping your brakes functioning properly is vital (not to mention legally required). However, modern vehicle brakes are complicated and sophisticated equipment, and without proper mechanical knowhow or professional assistance, it can be difficult to detect braking problems by looking at the brakes themselves. Brake pedal problems are a much easier and more noticeable way to determine if your brakes are failing. Read More 

What Problems With Your Tyres Are Actually Telling You

8 April 2016
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When you have problems with your car's tyres, it may not be the result of poor quality tyres themselves. In many cases, how you maintain your car and its tyres, or neglect to maintain these, will show on the tyres themselves, including how they handle, the wear patterns you see, and so on. Note what your car's tyres can actually tell you about your car overall and your maintenance of the tyres, so you can keep both in good working order. Read More