Aerodynamics in Car Designs

3 Reasons Why You Need Specialized Service for a Foreign Car

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When you own a foreign car and it needs repairs, you want to be careful about where you bring it to get repairs done—you shouldn’t take it in to just any repair shop. There are many reasons why you need specialized service for a foreign car, no matter its make or model. Note a few of those reasons here. 1. Diagnostic equipment may be specialized In order to repair your car, it first needs to be diagnosed properly. This process involves more than just a visual inspection by a mechanic but also means being tested with certain tools and...

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How To Prevent Common Auto Repairs

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Are you fed up with having to visit a car mechanic every week to get an issue fixed with your car? Then learn the different ways in which you can look after your car so that the chances of needing a car mechanic will be decreased. Here are some of the top issues that a car could suffer from, and how you can prevent them from occurring: Emissions Leaks Due To Evaporation The system that is used to keep the gas fumes within the tank is called the evaporative emissions system control, or EVAP. However, a leak can develop if the...

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Diagnosing Common Transmission and Gearbox Problems

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Before you take your car to a mechanic for problems with the transmission and gearbox, you might want to consider what could be causing those problems so you have a better idea of the repairs you might be facing. Because the transmission is such a major component of your car, you need to ensure it’s in good repair but don’t want to overpay for repairs that aren’t needed. Note some common transmission and gearbox problems you might face. 1. The transmission is stuck in Park In many cases this isn’t the transmission...

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3 Reasons Why An Extended Car Warranty Isn’t Always a Wise Option

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When buying a car, most people go with brand new units for their manufacturer warranties. In fact, some excessively cautious people who don’t completely feel fortressed by the original cover go in for additional or extended warranties that supersede manufacturer-bestowed warranty covers. While the move may seem in the best interest of the vehicle and its owner, the following are a few reasons why extended warranties are possibly an unnecessary outstretch. Longer Manufacturer Warranty While two to three years or 50,000 km to 100,000 km...

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The Simple Guide To DIY Car Repair

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Right now, millions of people are driving around with minor damage on their cars. Scratches and dents happen all too easily, and since they generally don’t reduce a vehicle’s functionality in any way, most people can’t justify the price of having them fixed. Fortunately, some nifty DIY repair techniques exist that will have your car spick and span in no time! Dent Repair You can fix relatively minor, shallow dents quite easily – using science! The tools you will need are: Blowdryer/hairdryer Heavy duty gloves Aluminium foil...

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Two Tips on How to Save on the Cost of Crash Repairs

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One can never predict when they will be an accident victim. There are several expenses that accompany motor vehicle accidents, the most expensive of which are resultant medical costs and the cost of undertaking crash repairs on your automobile. Of these two expenses, it is easier to save on the cost of crash repairs than on medical bills. The two tips discussed below can go a long way in reducing the cost of crash repairs, thereby making your financial burden lighter during the period following a road accident. Invest in a Collision Insurance...

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4 Car Problems You Can Fix From The Comfort Of Your Garage

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Repairing cars does not always require a myriad of technical skills. Here are car problems you can fix at your garage: Fixing Exterior Coolant Leaks A patch of yellow or green liquid on the ground is a sign of a leakage. The liquid is usually an anti-freeze and may be from the exterior hoses. Open the hood and look for the same colored liquid. If you see the liquid draining from a hose, fix it by unclamping the leaking hose and replacing it. Replacing The Oxygen Sensor The oxygen sensor monitors unburned oxygen from the car’s exhaust. A...

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Caravan or Motor Home? A Buying Guide for Grey Nomads

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More and more Australian retirees are now seeking an active retirement that involves new adventures and travelling around our beautiful country. If you’re about to join the ranks of the ‘grey nomads’ then you may be considering downsizing your family home and purchasing a new home on wheels in the form of a caravan or motor home. The caravan and motor home industry is huge, with over half a million vehicles on the road. This means that there’s a huge variety of models to choose from, which can be daunting. Here are...

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4 Reasons Your Windscreen May Need Replacing

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A car’s windscreen is by far its most delicate external component. Because of this, it is very important you take care of your windscreen and replace it whenever necessary. Windscreen replacement is not as expensive as most expect; if you take into account quality, replacements are cheaper now than ever. The overwhelming majority of windscreens can be replaced in a relatively short time. Also, in Australia, you can be fined for having a damaged windscreen, so there is really no reason to procrastinate getting it fixed. There is a...

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3 Advantageous Maintenance Steps For Car Owners

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If you have a car, it’s important to maintain it over the years. Otherwise, it will break down and not function correctly. Thanks to these steps, you can keep your car working and looking great. Check Transmission Oil Level One of the most important things in your car is the transmission oil, as this lubricates moving parts and prevents the transmission from overheating. For the oil to work properly, it needs to be at the right level. First, park your car and turn it off. Open the hood and locate the dipstick. Pull this out and wipe it...

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