Foul Food For Thought: 3 Bad Odours that Spell Trouble for Your Vehicle

20 May 2015
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Very occasionally a car can abruptly thud to a halt for no apparent reason, but more often than not, there's usually some sort of sign beforehand to indicate that something below deck isn't quite right. However, from time to time a vehicle in trouble may be more subtle—sporadically or permanently emitting expired food-like odors instead of making dodgy sounds. You may convince yourself that it may be the surroundings you're driving through that are causing an expired breakfast-like smell to waft through your vehicle, but in reality it could well be something to do with your car itself. Read More 

Why You Should Avoid DIY Windscreen Replacement

27 April 2015
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You may need to replace your car windscreen if it gets a major crack that damages the vinyl between the sheets of glass. While some people may hire a competent auto shop technician to replace the windscreen, others may want to do it themselves. This article discusses why it is unwise to attempt a DIY windscreen replacement. You May Damage Your Car's E-Coating E-coating refers to the coating placed on your car's metallic parts to protect them from corrosion. Read More 

Improving Overall Performance: 3 Truck Parts That Increase Horsepower

13 April 2015
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Trucks are gaining in popularity due to their rugged structure and overall performance capabilities. From 2009 to 2014, the average annual growth of light rigid trucks is about 4.3% and the average annual growth of heavy rigid trucks is about 1.2%. If you are a truck owner yourself, you'll be aware that there are various truck parts that can increase horsepower. Here are 3 aftermarket truck parts that are inexpensive, but effective.  Read More 

3 Reasons Why You Need Specialized Service for a Foreign Car

19 March 2015
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When you own a foreign car and it needs repairs, you want to be careful about where you bring it to get repairs done—you shouldn't take it in to just any repair shop. There are many reasons why you need specialized service for a foreign car, no matter its make or model. Note a few of those reasons here. 1. Diagnostic equipment may be specialized In order to repair your car, it first needs to be diagnosed properly. Read More