Answering a Few Quick Questions About Vehicle Registration in Queensland

5 July 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

In Queensland, every vehicle on the road must be registered no matter its condition, and you need to have a vehicle registration put in your name right after you buy a car or truck from any seller. While it may be somewhat routine to register a vehicle in Queensland, note a few quick questions you might have about what's involved and some unusual circumstances when it comes to registering a vehicle, so you know your vehicle is always on the road legally.

What about driving a vehicle to get it registered?

If you need to drive an unregistered vehicle to a registrar's office, you can do this provided that the vehicle has proper insurance and you are taking a reasonable route to that office. Don't drive the vehicle without proper third-party insurance, even this short distance, and don't take this time to run errands. If you are pulled over by the police and they determine that you are driving an unregistered vehicle anywhere but to the registrant's office, and the vehicle is not insured, it will likely be impounded and this can be very expensive for you.

What if I don't have an Australian driver's license?

Note that the registrant's office needs to know the location where the vehicle will be garaged, so if you don't have an Australian driver's license, you need to bring some type of proof of the vehicle's location. For example, if you will be keeping it at a friend's home, you might need to have a copy of their lease or other such proof of residence. If you are storing the vehicle in a storage unit, bring the rental agreement with you when registering the vehicle. If you're unsure of what paperwork you need to show proof of where the vehicle will be kept, call the registrant's office beforehand so you can get that paperwork in order before your visit.

What if the vehicle will be used for more than one purpose?

Note that the insurance you get for a vehicle will depend on the vehicle's use. Typically, the more comprehensive or expensive insurance is the one that would be applicable when you want to keep the vehicle properly insured. The registrant's office may compare the insurance certificate you have with your statement of the vehicle's intended uses, and if you don't have the more expensive or more comprehensive insurance coverage, your new registration form may be denied.