Two Tips on How to Save on the Cost of Crash Repairs

9 January 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

One can never predict when they will be an accident victim. There are several expenses that accompany motor vehicle accidents, the most expensive of which are resultant medical costs and the cost of undertaking crash repairs on your automobile.

Of these two expenses, it is easier to save on the cost of crash repairs than on medical bills. The two tips discussed below can go a long way in reducing the cost of crash repairs, thereby making your financial burden lighter during the period following a road accident.

Invest in a Collision Insurance Cover

You should not think of saving on auto repair costs after the accident has occurred. As a smart road user and vehicle owner, you need to think of pro-active ways of saving costs such as investing in an appropriate insurance policy.

Motorists are required by law to have liability insurance. You can go the extra mile and invest in a collision insurance cover, despite it not being mandatory. Collision insurance is a type of insurance cover that provides cover for accidents and accident-related cases. With a collision insurance cover, you may not have to spend money on crash repairs if the cost of these repairs falls below the specified compensation limits in your insurance agreement. If your cost of repair exceeds this limit, you'll be required to settle the difference.

Shop for Your Own Spare Parts

Shopping for vehicle spare parts on your own is another practical way through which you can save on the cost of crash repairs. It is indeed more convenient to purchase spare parts at the auto repair or body shop and have them fitted immediately. This is however an expensive option.

Vehicle spare parts are often cheaper outside the auto repair shop. It would do you good to shop around for the most affordable vehicle parts shop before you take your vehicle in for repairs. This way, you will only pay for labor at the auto repair shop—such as The Body Repair Shop—and you will have saved on the cost of spares.

Shopping for your own spare parts also allows you the opportunity to choose second-hand spare parts for your repairs. Second hand parts are cheaper than new parts and if the previous owner was a responsible driver, they can perform just as well. The only disadvantage of second-hand spare parts is that they are not as durable. They should therefore be used on a temporary basis.