4 Ways Having A Bigger Grain Trailer Will Improve Your Farming Efficiency

26 September 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

​Grain trailers are just as important as tractors on the farm. While tractors help to prepare the land and to harvest, grain trailers collect the grain and transport it to the barns or silos. If you do not have a grain trailer on your farm or the one you have is small, getting a bigger unit will greatly improve your efficiency in a number of ways. Read all about them below.

Harvest more grain at once

Every farmer wishes that they could harvest and collect all their grain in one go as opposed to making countless rounds on the farm. With a larger grain trailer in tow, you could harvest much more grain at a go without having to drive back to the silo to empty the trailer. This would allow you to make much fewer trips back and forth, consequently saving you fuel, time, and energy.

Reduce wastage by never dumping grain on the ground

Farmers without grain trailers or with small trailers sometimes have to dump grain on the ground during harvesting because they do not have enough capacity to load it all. While this technique may work, it comes at a cost; some of the grain is lost during the pouring and collection processes. However, with a larger grain trailer, no produce would ever have to be poured on the ground and, therefore, no produce would go to waste.

Store and collect all your grain safely after harvest

Many times, farmers tend to leave their harvested grain in the trailers. This could either be because the silo is full or because the grain has to be transported to another location soon thereafter. Either way, having a large grain trailer is a convenient way to store your produce after harvest safely. It's much better than leaving grain in the field or outside your barn because it's much safer.

Increase your grain production capacity

You can also take advantage of a larger grain trailer and use it as a way to increase your output capacity. With a small trailer, you may be limited to harvesting or farming only what you can store. However, if you have a large trailer, you can not only use it for transportation purposes, you can also turn it into a temporary storage facility. This would allow you to grow more and to limit wastage considerably.

There are numerous options when it comes to grain trailers in the market. You can find units of different sizes to suit your every need. And if you can't, you can always order a custom unit designed to your exact specifications.