When it’s Best to Call for Towing Rather than Driving Your Car to a Repair Shop

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If you can start your car and get it on the road, you might assume that it’s fine to drive to a nearby repair shop no matter the damages or repairs that are needed. There are actually instances when it’s better to call for towing services and to have your car towed to the shop rather than risk driving it, even if the shop is not that far from your home. Note a few times when it’s best to call for towing services in the area rather than driving your car at all. 1. If the shocks seem to grind or there is no cushion to them When your car hits a bump of any sort, the shocks should absorb that impact and you should feel cushioned inside the cab of the car. Shocks aren’t there just for your comfort but they also protect the car itself. If your shocks seem to grind with every bump or you know that there is no cushion to them, this can cause your car’s axles, tire rims, and other major parts to absorb each bump on the road. The underbody of your car might also smack the road rather than bouncing up and down as it should, and this can cause damage to any number of parts under the car’s body. Rather than risk this type of damage, have your car towed if you know that the shocks are broken or simply not working as they should. 2. When you hear a clunking or thumping noise A clunking or thumping noise under your car’s hood can be any number of problems, but is often caused by a part that has broken or come loose and which is now thumping against something else. Driving your car this way can mean more damage to the part itself, and whatever other part it is bumping against. No matter the cause, when you hear something obviously clunking or thumping under the hood, have your car towed. 3. Obvious fluid leaks If your car has a puddle of any sort under it after driving, unless it’s condensation from the air conditioner, you don’t want to drive it. A small drip of oil or another fluid may not be very catastrophic, but if you notice puddles, drips along any part under the hood or other signs of major fluid leaks, don’t drive your car, as the fluid could leak out on the road. This can mean your steering, brakes, or other major component then fails, putting you in...

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Foul Food For Thought: 3 Bad Odours that Spell Trouble for Your Vehicle

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Very occasionally a car can abruptly thud to a halt for no apparent reason, but more often than not, there’s usually some sort of sign beforehand to indicate that something below deck isn’t quite right. However, from time to time a vehicle in trouble may be more subtle—sporadically or permanently emitting expired food-like odors instead of making dodgy sounds. You may convince yourself that it may be the surroundings you’re driving through that are causing an expired breakfast-like smell to waft through your vehicle, but in reality it could well be something to do with your car itself. Listed here are three common odors that occasionally occur in cars that may be reminiscent of bad breakfast items, and what to do when they arise.   Eggs This particular aroma has a tendency to waft itself around vehicles that have trouble converting sulphur from fuel into sulphur dioxide. The problem often lies with the car’s catalytic converter, which may have experienced wear and tear over time and is now unable to convert the sulphur into an odorless gas in the ordinary manner. Instead, the sulphur is left to sit in your exhaust pipe and emit the foul smell of rotting eggs. If you ever encounter this issue with your car, you’ll need to check out your catalytic converter. Occasionally the converter itself may be blocked or clogged, and whilst it is possible to rectify this issue yourself, a local garage or mechanic will be able to clear it out for you professionally. In certain cases, the catalytic converter will have to be replaced. Toast The smell of burnt toast is always a disappointing one, but when you notice it wafting through your vehicle, it could be dangerous. The aroma of cooked, burnt bread often arises due to an electrical fault in your car—either from an electrical short or burning insulation. This requires immediate attention, as wire overheating can lead to extremely hazardous situations in the future that may even lead to fires starting in your car. If you ever notice the smell of burnt toast whilst you’re driving, be sure to pull over the car and contact your mechanic immediately. Always try to avoid driving the vehicle until the problem is repaired.  Maple Syrup Whilst the whiff of sweet maple syrup may not be foul enough to concern you when you sense it floating around inside your vehicle, don’t be fooled. This aroma may actually indicate that there’s a coolant leak inside your vehicle. Not only does this spell trouble for your car, it can actively put you and your passengers in danger. When coolant begins to leak, it emits a toxic substance called ethylene glycol, which surreptitiously parades as a sweetly innocent smell but can in fact be deadly. The big problem with your car smelling like maple syrup is the fact that the coolant leak may be emanating...

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Why You Should Avoid DIY Windscreen Replacement

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You may need to replace your car windscreen if it gets a major crack that damages the vinyl between the sheets of glass. While some people may hire a competent auto shop technician to replace the windscreen, others may want to do it themselves. This article discusses why it is unwise to attempt a DIY windscreen replacement. You May Damage Your Car’s E-Coating E-coating refers to the coating placed on your car’s metallic parts to protect them from corrosion. Due to your inexperience in replacing windscreens, you may accidentally damage this electro-plate coating (e-coat) on the car’s pinch weld (the frame onto which the windscreen is mounted). The tools you are using to remove the old windscreen may cause this damage when they scrape against that e-coat. Once the e-coat is damaged, the pinch weld will gradually rust and your windscreen will begin to leak. To avoid this eventuality, hire an experienced windscreen repair professional to replace your windscreen. You May Choose the Wrong Urethane Adhesive There are many urethane adhesives (adhesives used to hold the windscreen in place) on the market. Each kind is suitable to be used under different conditions like temperature zones and the time required for the adhesive to set. For instance, one kind may be ideal when you would like to drive away as soon as the windscreen has been installed while another kind requires several hours to set before you drive away. Unless you have some advanced knowledge of car repairs, it is very easy for you to pick any adhesive you find and then use it in conditions it was not designed for. Such a situation can result in your new windscreen falling off as you drive or cracking due to improper installation. That is why you should leave windscreen replacement to the professionals. Your Insurance Company May Not Cover that Windscreen Replacement Insurance companies prefer to pay for car repairs that were conducted by licensed professionals so your claim for windscreen replacement may not be honored if you did the work yourself. Thus, it will be more costly to you to attempt a windscreen DIY job instead of filing a claim so that your insurance company covers that cost. There are both monetary and safety risks that you expose yourself to if you replace your windscreen yourself. Avoid those risks by using your DIY skills on other projects; leave the auto shop to handle your windscreen replacement or repair tasks. For more information, contact a business such as Premier...

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Improving Overall Performance: 3 Truck Parts That Increase Horsepower

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Trucks are gaining in popularity due to their rugged structure and overall performance capabilities. From 2009 to 2014, the average annual growth of light rigid trucks is about 4.3% and the average annual growth of heavy rigid trucks is about 1.2%. If you are a truck owner yourself, you’ll be aware that there are various truck parts that can increase horsepower. Here are 3 aftermarket truck parts that are inexpensive, but effective.  Upgrade the Air Filters Most truck owners are unaware that changing and upgrading the air filters can have a phenomenal impact on their truck’s horsepower. Most air filters produced by manufacturers are restricted in performance by cost. In short, these air filters don’t allow for as much airflow as what would be considered as ideal. To increase horsepower, upgrade from a manufacturer’s air filter to a high-performance aftermarket filter. These filters tend to a better job at filtering without restricting airflow to the engine. An increase in airflow will enhance your engine’s capabilities and increase horsepower. One important factor to note when choosing an air filter is to find one that is both washable and reusable. Air filters get clogged up and dirtied easily. Dirty air filters are much less efficient and will rob your truck of its horsepower. With a washable and reusable air filter, you can clean the filters often to make sure that dirt and dust particles do not obstruct the airflow. Get a More Efficient Fuel Delivery The fuel delivery’s job is quite self-explanatory; it delivers fuel to the engine. Getting a more efficient fuel delivery is especially important if you have modified or altered your engine; however, choosing a fuel delivery is not as simple as installing a larger version. Most engines have a stoichiometric air-fuel ratio between 12.5 to 1 and 14 to 1. You will want to find a fuel delivery capable of adjusting the air-fuel delivery ratio to that range. Keep in mind that you will waste gas and lose power if too much fuel is delivered, as the mixture is ratio. On the contrary, you will also lose power and your engine will run hotter if too little fuel is delivered, as the mixture is too lean. As a result, it is crucial that you choose wisely.  Install Improved Cylinder Heads Last but not least, installing improved cylinder heads can make a huge difference. Cylinder heads are responsible for topping off the cylinders and sealing off the pistons to build compression. Much like fuel delivery systems, there are many different types of improved cylinder heads that can be purchased that will improve the air-fuel ratio that enters the engine. These cylinder heads incorporate different shapes in their design in order to improve airflow, and can significantly increase a truck’s horsepower as a result. Conclusion There are many other truck parts that can be purchased to increase the horsepower. Depending on the...

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3 Reasons Why You Need Specialized Service for a Foreign Car

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When you own a foreign car and it needs repairs, you want to be careful about where you bring it to get repairs done—you shouldn’t take it in to just any repair shop. There are many reasons why you need specialized service for a foreign car, no matter its make or model. Note a few of those reasons here. 1. Diagnostic equipment may be specialized In order to repair your car, it first needs to be diagnosed properly. This process involves more than just a visual inspection by a mechanic but also means being tested with certain tools and equipment. This equipment and those tools need to fit the car itself and work with the car’s internal parts. Very often each type of car has its own set of specialized equipment and tools for diagnostics, and these may only be available to authorized dealers or repair shops. Taking your foreign car to a standard mechanic who doesn’t have those tools can mean a poor diagnosis, or having him or her struggle for hours just to pinpoint the problem before it can even be addressed. 2. Genuine parts will make a difference in repair work Very often genuine parts should be used when performing repair work, as these are made to fit your car specifically. Any type of gap in between parts and your car will be subject to vibration, which in turn puts wear and tear on the engine and all other parts. A specialized repairperson who is authorized to work on certain cars will have access to those genuine parts, whereas other mechanics may need to use generic or off-brand parts. This in turn can mean having to replace those parts more often over time, as they fail or wear out sooner due to this vibration. 3. Certain cars may have common repair needs Very often certain makes and models of cars, and certain years of those models, will have common repair needs. Certain parts may fail or a car made one particular year may not have had proper undercoating so it rusts sooner, and so on. A specialized mechanic like ALS Automotive may be able to pinpoint your car’s problems simply because he or she has seen the same make and model and year of the car and knows that your repair issue is to be expected. This can make diagnosing and fixing your car much quicker and more accurate as...

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